Dip Deeply

Be Bountifully Refreshed and Enlivened

Engage in essential and sacred conversations with people across all ages and myriad settings to explore qualities of life that are vital to living in what I call contagious consciousness in this world.

Dip into Wells

My Purpose

These conversations are as applicable for the youngest children all the way through the decades to elders. In fact, starting young and continuing to build on that foundation for conscious living is the most important work we can do in a world that is longing to be uplifted and shifted.   

These qualities are an invaluable collection of “trail markers” that are indispensable guides, no matter what our life paths. I dare say they are transformative.  

There is also a critically needed balance created between “being” and “achieving.”   

Words were created to describe these qualities of being, words we use freely such as wonder, imagination, grief, mystery, belonging, connection, remembering, possibility, leadership and so many more.  

Dip into Wells

My Mission

To explore the words, these ways of being, in such a way that we individually and communally bring new energy to them and, by extension, to life. They become beacons that light up our worlds and bring light to others.

We come to remember or know them for the first time as wondrous, as lifegiving and even, perhaps, saving graces in moments of great challenge.

I visualize each word as a metaphorical well that invites us to come and dip deeply. Not only to dip but to carry from the well new insights and stories that ripple out from our lives to others. Just as water wells bring physical nourishment, the metaphorical wells bring soul and heart nourishment.

Dip into Wells

My Vision

For us, together, activate and reactivate these ways of being until they become so integrated and woven into our lives that they cannot be forgotten or lost.

They become that which we lean into and that which empower, uplift, and bring us into connection, whether in our smallest groups or spread into our global connections. The ways to share them are endless.

The impact of just one word, one well, much less a beautiful collection of dozens of metaphorical wells, is astounding. Let it ripple out into the world.

I like to think of life as a continuum and in flow rather than specific ages and stages, though at times we do need to acknowledge those. As we travel along the continuum, we continually evolve. It is a joy to work with clients, to share from the wisdom I have accumulated up to now, and to guide them into their own discoveries and sumptuous choices.”


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