It is with a warm sense of joy and anticipation that I welcome you into the world of my unique creation and calling.

This is an invitation for you to dive into robust conversations in the company of others or individually. I promise consistent presence and support as you discover and implement choices that will enliven, enrich and change your life. I count it an honor to co-create and to celebrate life with you.


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"I like to think of life as a continuum and in flow rather than specific ages and stages, though at times we do need to acknowledge those. As we travel along the continuum, we continually evolve. We shift. We encounter obstacles we learn to navigate and we grow through them. Our needs vary according to individual roles. We celebrate and we mourn…we gain and we lose…we shout with glee and grumble and moan... and everything in between. I have lived it all, as I am now quite far along the continuum. Most of all, the delight in being alive and continuing to expand my heart, mind and soul highlight the journey.

It is a joy to work with clients, to share from the wisdom I have accumulated up to now, and to guide them into their own discoveries and sumptuous choices."

Dawn Sully Pile

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