Professional Life and Leadership Coaches

When you have these qualities at your fingertips and integrate them into your curiosity and awareness of your client’s goals and desires, they will be significant prompts for and enrich insights.


  • One-on-One with a Professional Coach who wants to explore how to integrate metaphorical wells/qualities of conscious living into their practice – $150.00 per hour.
  • 2 Hour Zoom presentation and breakout group sessions – $97.00 per person

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Coaches Receive

  • A fresh perspective and new, creative component to add to coaching
  • A way to add depth of alignment to the exploration of values and goals of a coaching client
  • A collection of vital words to have at the coach’s fingertips. It is easily referred to and often opens up the conversation when it feels stuck or uncertain.
  • Each word/quality of being and conscious living can be introduced in a unique way, for example, playful, experiential, for reflective writing, etc.
  • The discussion of the words/wells enriches the coaching connection and is inspiring for both the coach and client
  • Taking just one word/well and mind-mapping it can be invaluable for the client