My Offerings

We dip deeply into words that matter, words that sustain and shift our focus, and words that change our way of being in this world because they are fare more than words. They are qualities of life. Wonder. Observation. Story. Connection. Curiosity. Grace. Civility. Belonging. Creativity. Joy. Loss. Alignment. Mystery. Patterns. Chaos. Goodness. Freedom. And many more.

In-Person or Zoom Gatherings for


Schools, Colleges/Universities

  • Gathering with administrative leaders and faculty to experience how and why these qualities must have an integral space in education communities. The dialogue and hands on exercises place BEING as the essential complement and balance to ACHIEVING.
  • Conversations and explorations with students of all ages. These words, these qualities address longings for belonging, presence, and worthiness, to name a few.
    1. There is such beauty in how this can be meaningful stories and conversations with 3-year-olds all the way to deep, enduring dialogue with a college student discerning purpose and path.
    2. This is highly applicable to Home Schooling as well.


Parents/Parent Groups

Integrating these qualities into family life has the capacity to be transformative…and playful. I believe there is a way in which these also are effective when integrated with other tools for parenting complex children (ADHD, learning differences, etc.).


Professional Life and Leadership Coaches

When you have these qualities at your fingertips and integrate them into your curiosity and awareness of your client’s goals and desires, they will be significant prompts for and enrich insights.


One-on-One Coaching

From the menu of words/qualities, we will discern several that best fit your life vision and creatively explore how they align with and strengthen your intentions.

These words guide each of us as we pursue our most aligned purpose and as we encounter our greatest challenges.

There are so many communities where this conversation will make a difference – retirement communities; faith/spirituality communities; memory care – where one word brings memories alive; and writing groups where participants share perspectives and stories together.

If you are part of a group/community you know would benefit, please reach out to me.

Pricing: Each of these options is priced according to size and format, whether individual or group, and length of each session. We will collaboratively design the work on behalf of the highest benefit for all.