My Offerings

We dip deeply into words that matter, words that sustain and shift our focus, and words that change our way of being in this world because they are fare more than words. They are qualities of life. Wonder. Observation. Story. Connection. Curiosity. Grace. Civility. Belonging. Creativity. Joy. Loss. Alignment. Mystery. Patterns. Chaos. Goodness. Freedom. And many more.

In-Person or Zoom Gatherings for

These words guide each of us as we pursue our most aligned purpose and as we encounter our greatest challenges.

There are so many other communities where this conversation will make a difference, such as faith/spirituality communities, intergenerational gatherings, and writing groups where participants share perspectives and stories that enrich and uplift all.  

If you are part of a group/community you know would benefit, please reach out to me.

Pricing: Each of these options is priced according to size and format, whether individual or group, and length of each session. We will collaboratively design the work on behalf of the highest benefit for all.