Schools, Colleges/Universities

  • Gathering with administrative leaders and faculty to experience how and why these qualities must have an integral space in education communities. The dialogue and hands on exercises place BEING as the essential complement and balance to ACHIEVING.
  • Conversations and explorations with students of all ages. These words, these qualities address longings for belonging, presence, and worthiness, to name a few.
    1. There is such beauty in how this can be meaningful stories and conversations with 3-year-olds all the way to deep, enduring dialogue with a college student discerning purpose and path.
    2. This is highly applicable to Home Schooling as well.


A group speaking engagement:

  • 60-minute presentation – $500.00
  • 90-minute presentation, which allows for interaction – $750.00
  • If an education institution chooses to host a workshop format that is of more depth and time, pricing will be determined according to the time allotted.

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