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A graduate of the Coactive Training Institute, I am a Certified Professional Coactive Coach and completed CTI’s Leadership Program. I also hold a Master of Arts in Ministry.

After 35 years as a teacher and administrator in independent schools, as well as an independent school consultant and speaker, I created my own business, Dawn Sully Pile, MA, CPCC.

Since 2011, I have collaborated with and coached individuals to design their lives and step fully into their unique blueprint. I have provided leadership coaching and consulting to engineers, educators and a teenager, yes, relishing the deep delight of inspiring a teen to step into his leadership potential. It is never too early.

Along the way, I created a workshop for professional caregivers: Reimagine the Role – Restore the Soul. In 2021 I revised my book: Baby Boomers+: A Guide to Designing These Years, Honoring the Full Circle of Life and Creating Life-Giving Conversations.

AT LAST (do not be discouraged if it takes a lifetime!), having the logo and circling it for 12 years, Dip Into the Well has come into full expression. It gives witness to the fact that we are never too old to design and produce a fresh creation and invite others into it. I am thrilled to bring to life what has been an undercurrent all these years, really, I think, brewing since childhood!
My greatest passion is to write, speak and gather people at wells that refresh, restore, center and inspire. It might be the well of wonder, the well of possibility, the well of grace, the well of belonging, of age, of imagination and myriad more.

Wells now seem to appear magically, just as I need one. In their presence I find new perspectives, experience Kairos time (time of presence rather than clock), and my soul is hydrated. When, on occasion, I arrive at one with a particular life challenge, dipping into the metaphorical water helps me find my way.

The wells nourish me and remind me that life is to be deeply and fully celebrated in all of its beautiful and complex layers.

When at the well, I am filled with energy, light, optimism, joy and creativity. I know those who join me will find the same and more.


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