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A BA in Sociology and MA in Ministry gave me the perfect background for becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, followed by graduating from CTI’s Leadership Program. My professional life is a fabulous potpourri of hybrid coach/consultant, speaker, seminar leader and author.

I have been a consultant to independent schools, spoken at national conferences and am a leadership coach for independent school administrators as well as mid level corporate leaders.  I served on the Board of ICF Global GA Chapter Coaches’ Association.

Wherever I am, I am an observer of people, inspired by the individual gifts and stories every day.  Whether conducting individual coaching sessions or speaking to a large group, I thrive on being a catalyst for growth and personal wellbeing.  My presentation style is unique, each interaction and engagement designed specifically for the client or larger audience. I craft and tailor my time to those with whom I am present.

My presence with others is filled with light, energy, optimism, grace, and creativity.  I see possibilities everywhere and engage those with whom I work to see the possibilities that exist within themselves and their environments.  Bringing out of the box, sometimes-eccentric observations and questions “to the table” is one of my gifts that call clients forth to their highest way of being.

Writing, a daily practice, centers, informs and invigorates me in all aspects of my life. When not reading, writing, coaching or speaking, I enjoy long walks, time with friends, whether in person or virtually around the world, and relish the company, humor and life lessons of animals. I am a daily practitioner of "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod.

A published author of Baby Boomers +: A Guide to Designing These Years, Honoring the Full Circle of Life, and Creating Life-Giving Conversations, I celebrate the stories that each of us hold within us and deeply support the uniqueness of them.

Most of all, I'm here for you. I look forward to being in your presence and getting to know you through our journey and work together.

My life purpose is to be fully who I am without apology or compromise and to inspire others to the same.


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