For Elders

Over a lifetime of decades, we have spoken words such as “wonder,” “possibility,” “grief,” “aging,” “unknown,” “practice,” “belonging,” “alignment” “transition” and so many more that describe a quality of life. We often use them without paying close attention to their vitality and how they can usher us into new horizons.

As an elder, I am revisiting individual life-giving words with more intention, dipping into them at the metaphorical wells. I savor the new, surprising richness of each one. There is a thrill of discovering not only new depth of meaning, but also leaning into more consciousness of the experience of each word. It is delightful fun, even playful.

More importantly, I am experiencing how these words/qualities feed my soul, interactions, and choices with a fresh lens and with joy.

There is also a quality of reverence for the way each word/quality uplifts and sustains me.

It would be a delight to facilitate time with you in community. Together we will explore the deeper impact of particular words, share stories, and perhaps do a bit of writing together (optional). Taking time to stop at metaphorical wells truly nourishes the soul and brings people together.

I am quite sure conversations that happen “at the wells” will continue over dinner or out on the patio. Once the concept of the wells comes into being, participants will likely find that recognizable wells pop up here and there on their own.

I also envision exploring a word in a circle of elders in a memory care unit, with absolute confidence that the beauty of shared stories would create vital moments of connection, no matter how short or long.


Experience in community:

  • 90 – 120 minutes – $50.00 per person
  • Two options for location:
    • In-person in a home, retirement community or other place of choice
    • On Zoom
  • For a memory care unit – pro bono – If financial resources allow, a contribution at the discretion of the Leadership is welcome but not expected

Individual Experience:

  • $50 for a one-hour conversation in which dipping into the metaphorical wells brings joy and conversation that eases loneliness. This can take place by phone or on Zoom. Please contact me by email – dawn@dawnsullypile.com to arrange for the time.

Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.