Parents/Parent Groups

Integrating these qualities into family life has the capacity to be transformative…and playful. I believe there is a way in which these also are effective when integrated with other tools for parenting complex children (ADHD, learning differences, etc.).

Two ways to work with me

1. Individually – coaching regarding your own parenting desires, questions, challenges, and discerning wells that might be just the right “tools”

Pricing – a scale of $100 – $300 per hour. The base is $100. Clients choose how much to add. My intention is to make coaching for this important role in life to be as affordable as possible.

2. Future event in the spring of 2024 – small groups of 6 -10 (optimally) for a 90 – 120-minute session.

  • Each session begins with a brief overview, followed by breakout rooms for participants to brainstorm ways to to make the “wells” come alive at home. As we have all experienced, connections in breakout rooms bring the gift of new ideas and perspectives.
  • You can gather a group of your own and contact me to plan a time or sign up here on the website for my newsletter and look for an upcoming group
  • Pricing – $97 per participant per session

Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

Parents receive:

  • Inspiration and confidence that there are always new tools available to enrich the parent/child dynamic and relationship
  • Fresh ways to engage conversations and create stories together
  • Design experiences centered around beautiful, uplifting, sustaining qualities of living, no matter what the age.
  • Also, and perhaps as an important “tool” in the parenting toolbox, the “wells” are a marvelous way to engage daily challenges with humor and a playful, exploratory spirit.

Why Me

I had the absolute delight of working with hundreds of children and parents over my 35-year career in education, getting to know and honoring the uniqueness of each child and family.

Always, my greatest desire, a complement to the educational focus on “achieving,” was to guide and encourage in children the importance of “being,” being themselves, not anyone else.

The same is true for parents. How many conversations took place that encouraged designing families in ways that were true to their unique vision and values. Yes, the word “unique” comes up frequently, because peer pressure on parents (even more so than children at times) can easily be a significant pull away from the courage to stay the course of each family’s visions and values.

I believe time spent at metaphorical wells enriches children and parents individually and collectively. In fact, I have witnessed a lovely contagion effect!