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The Exquisite Web of Care Giving Conversations

I am having the most glorious conversations! They are part of my hope of seeing that caregiving is an integral part of our lives and our days. The small ways in which we show it and receive it will help prepare us for the caregiving challenges that enter on to the continuum of our lives.…

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Activate Those Cards!

I am always intrigued by random thoughts and how they take on a life of their own once they take root. It rarely crosses my mind anymore where they come from and why. I simply enjoy the fun of how they take me into seeing what I can glean for my life moving forward.    For…

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The Calendar and the Lion

I changed a calendar that has an insert per month in a plexiglass frame.  I never look ahead to see what the pictures are for future months. I like to be surprised. Up to this point the months for 2013 have had a variety of birds and botanical drawings.  As I opened the packet to…

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