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Virtual Caregiving Community #1

As I was walking my 5.4-mile trail this morning, feeling the luxury of the weather, my health and so many other things in my life, I began to think about how caregiving happens virtually. It takes place in what might seem like the most unexpected places as we normally think about caregiving. And then there…

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The Why of My 10 Books

A recent tagging initiative on Facebook has been for friends to post ten books by which they have been influenced and/or inspired. As is true for most, I’m sure, choosing ten out of hundreds was a little bit of a toss-up for me.   There are easily ten more and ten more and ten more. For…

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A New Name for New Year’s Eve

It was one of those moments when I woke up with a start in the middle of the night.  Who knows why?   What came to me out of nowhere was the revelation of a new name for New Year’s Eve…for me.  It is Commencement.  My memory of Commencements in my life…6th Grade, Junior High, High…

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