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Virtual Caregiving Community #2

Even as I work with professional and family caregivers, as well as case managers and social workers around shifting the paradigms of caregiving in this country, I acknowledge that it is often an experience that presents us with overwhelming, energy draining, heartbreaking, extremely challenging moments, days, weeks, months and years. There can easily be a…

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Virtual Caregiving Community #1

As I was walking my 5.4-mile trail this morning, feeling the luxury of the weather, my health and so many other things in my life, I began to think about how caregiving happens virtually. It takes place in what might seem like the most unexpected places as we normally think about caregiving. And then there…

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Children and Words

Having conversations with children about words is such fun, to say nothing of listening to them try to use words correctly but not quite getting the correct context or pronunciation. It was a daily delight during the thirty-five years I was in education to invite hundreds of children over time to play with words, whether…

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The Exquisite Web of Care Giving Conversations

I am having the most glorious conversations! They are part of my hope of seeing that caregiving is an integral part of our lives and our days. The small ways in which we show it and receive it will help prepare us for the caregiving challenges that enter on to the continuum of our lives.…

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Gift of a Caregiver From Birth to Death

    Until a few months ago, I had never pictured myself in my mother’s womb. Never. It did not even occur to me. I obviously know I was there for 9 months and the objective knowing is where it stayed. Perhaps that is part of the lack of talking about anything “close” in my…

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Beautiful Words and Caregiving

Hundreds of words and images incessantly swirled through my mind all night long. “Sleep” was not among them in either category. Somewhere in the swirling I was reminded of the story of Christopher Nolan, an English writer who won several awards for his poetry and autobiography. He also authored a novel. His was a mind…

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