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Virtual Caregiving Community #2

Even as I work with professional and family caregivers, as well as case managers and social workers around shifting the paradigms of caregiving in this country, I acknowledge that it is often an experience that presents us with overwhelming, energy draining, heartbreaking, extremely challenging moments, days, weeks, months and years. There can easily be a…

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The Exquisite Web of Care Giving Conversations

I am having the most glorious conversations! They are part of my hope of seeing that caregiving is an integral part of our lives and our days. The small ways in which we show it and receive it will help prepare us for the caregiving challenges that enter on to the continuum of our lives.…

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A Magnificent Caregiver and a Mystery – Both

This is the thing about writing of any kind. I never know what is going to emerge after the first sentence. In yesterday’s blog I happened to recall the morning I was struck by a certain memory of my father and the unexpected, surprise moment that followed that memory. Today when I dated my morning…

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Beautiful Words and Caregiving

Hundreds of words and images incessantly swirled through my mind all night long. “Sleep” was not among them in either category. Somewhere in the swirling I was reminded of the story of Christopher Nolan, an English writer who won several awards for his poetry and autobiography. He also authored a novel. His was a mind…

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