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Virtual Caregiving Community #1

As I was walking my 5.4-mile trail this morning, feeling the luxury of the weather, my health and so many other things in my life, I began to think about how caregiving happens virtually. It takes place in what might seem like the most unexpected places as we normally think about caregiving. And then there…

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Children and Words

Having conversations with children about words is such fun, to say nothing of listening to them try to use words correctly but not quite getting the correct context or pronunciation. It was a daily delight during the thirty-five years I was in education to invite hundreds of children over time to play with words, whether…

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Early Morning Writing- My Own Caregiving

I am barely going to beat the clock on this blog! Each morning for going on a year and a half I have relished following The Miracle Morning practice, so beautifully crafted by Hal Elrod. I do not miss a day even if it means getting up an hour or more earlier than planned. Silence,…

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Recently, the daylong winds felt like an event. The cold added to the drama. The energy and movement created by the wind mesmerize me. I sat for the longest time watching the limbs of the trees blowing and bending as if in a wild dance of the hundreds in the neighborhood. There was both synchronicity…

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Gift of a Matryoshka Doll

Sometime in my older elementary years, when the world was fraught with air raid drills in school and the notion that we should all have air raid shelters, I thought about the countries that seemed unreachable, Russia in particular.  The Cold War implied that never the twain would meet between Russian children and me.   My…

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