By Dawn Sully Pile | Mar 18, 2012 |

As I sit here across from Grandma’s rocking chair I recall the many times I dusted between all the rungs that have small circular pieces of wood about every inch and a half.  In-out-in-out-in-out went an old shirt torn into a dust rag.  Ours was a dusting household; most Saturdays growing up my sister and…

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The Beauty of Tangles

By Dawn Sully Pile | Mar 5, 2012 |

I should have learned my lesson but I did it again with a beautiful skein of yarn just waiting to be wound into a ball.  While the little voice in my head said not to forget what I had learned before, I chose to ignore it, searched for one end of the yarn, and began…

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Squirrels and Options

By Dawn Sully Pile | Jun 12, 2011 |

Generally, I have never been able to tell one squirrel from another but I do have one this summer that regularly comes to the dry food I leave on my terrace for my loyal feral cat.  How do I know it is the same one?  I just know.  Putting that aside, however, I am continually…

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The Mailbox

By Dawn Sully Pile | May 11, 2011 |

Driving home from work recently, I passed a woman who was just opening her mailbox, bending to look in and get the mail.  In that quick moment of noticing her posture and expression before she was only a speck in my rearview mirror, I started thinking about what happens in that second of lifting or pulling down the…

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By Dawn Sully Pile | Mar 16, 2011 |

As I write this first post I am noticing… How beautiful and content my 15-year-old cat looks sitting in the grasss and terrace sunshine. The antics of her 2-year-old brother that make  me laugh and help me keep life in perspective.  The squirrel scolding the cats from the tree branch.  How neglected and how much work my terrace needs…wow…intentional design, weeding,…

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