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By Dawn Sully Pile | Sep 19, 2022 |

Many are gathered at this well today.   Many gather at this well every day.   A dear friend whose daughter transitioned last night, far too soon as we think in years.   Close friends who have had to say goodbye to beloved pets.   An island besieged by natural devastation on top of natural…

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My Walk and Introducing People to Wells

By Dawn Sully Pile | Sep 12, 2022 |

Saturday was a day of anticipation of experiencing the appearance of raindrops, moisture so desperately needed in this area. The cloudiness was welcome for heading to the park trail that is 90% in the open, one of the reasons I love it. On a sunny summer day, however, it has to be an early walk,…

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Blessing for Wonder in Age

By Dawn Sully Pile | Sep 5, 2022 |

The Well of Age   For a gathering  where those present were going to dive into conversation at The Well of Age, this blessing came to me. It is to live in wonder each day, realizing our breath, not our number, is what is so extraordinary.   I am such an admirer of John O’Donohue…

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Friday Musing – Observation Poem

By Dawn Sully Pile | Sep 2, 2022 |

OBSERVATION   Two fields   The field of Noticing The field of Observation Divided by A centuries old Stone wall The kind you want to follow Forever   I enter and walk through The field of Noticing Reviewing life   Buckets in hand I have come to Begin my collections   The noticings Of the…

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August Playfulness – the Well of Observation

By Dawn Sully Pile | Aug 29, 2022 |

To bid goodbye to August… I explored what has been written about observation and came up first with volumes of poems, the focus on this one word/engagement, as well as many single poems. It feels like many who penned them did so with joy and whimsy in the process. So to end August with lightness,…

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The Well of Observation – Being With Nature

By Dawn Sully Pile | Aug 22, 2022 |

It is so easy to become immersed in all the human demands of living that we miss the most startling “other” life surrounding us.   We get caught up in hurrying from here to there, and with an overabundance of inside time in our lives.   Inside museums instead of outside museums where the most…

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Friday Musing – Hearing and the Well of Observation

By Dawn Sully Pile | Aug 19, 2022 |

August is the month of playing with observation; I return to the well over and over to see what more I find when I dip into this word, one deeper than noticing.   By now, I think you know that the wells to which I go are metaphorical. They are where I dip into exploration…

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Playing With the Well of Observation – Part III

By Dawn Sully Pile | Aug 15, 2022 |

One of the questions I have been asking myself is what the difference is between noticing and observing. In numerous resources, the two words show up as synonyms; however, as I dipped a little bit into what difference there might be, my intuition that observation takes me deeper into what I notice felt affirmed. NOTICING…

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Friday Musing: Hanging Out With the Moon

By Dawn Sully Pile | Aug 12, 2022 |

This morning, I relish the gift of cooler air, sunshine, a bright blue sky, and white clouds slowly moving from west to east.   It is such a different scene than last night, still so deeply present in the light of day.   Around 8:30 PM, I turned off all the lights and stood at…

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August Playfulness- The Well of Observation II

By Dawn Sully Pile | Aug 8, 2022 |

This morning I took S. grocery shopping. I now know when we set out that it is going to be an excursion, not simply a run of the mill shopping experience. I push the cart as we go up and down most aisles. I revel in observing her glee.   Part of the joy in…

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