Wednesday musing on Monday blog

I already know I will likely pare down to two times a week, not three…lucky you! Look for a new post on Monday and Friday.


Since writing and posting on Monday, I have made it an intention to notice physical light with expanded interest and curiosity…to keep dipping.


This morning, as my mind often does, it went in two directions I had not thought about when writing the post.


Noticing the early morning sunlight on the trees, I began to mull the sun…briefly…a physical light I don’t think I have ever truly comprehended in its magnificence and seemingly infinite supply of light.


Just think about it for a moment, really stop and think about it. Think about the difference between the light bulbs in our homes that provide physical light and likely need to be replaced likely at least on an annual basis, and the sun. The sun is always, always, always shining, always on, even when we cannot see it. It is, indeed, a miraculous light we take for granted every single day, except, perhaps, after a few cloudy ones in a row when we yearn for it to come out for even a short moment.


How often those short moments have brought forth verbal exclamations of glee!


One thing I know for sure is that this light, the light from the sun, makes all the difference in my how my days go…understood or not…the sunlight feeds my soul in a way nothing else does.


This led me to thinking that a resource to mention, more than any researched books, is our eyes…the gift of sight. The gift of looking up to the sun, or a seeing a path lit up ahead of us, of discerning light/shadow/darkness.


Our eyes give us the ability to see all the different kinds of physical light. I was mulling how if I did not have sight, I would still have internal light, which is next week’s piece. That recognition struck me as so vital to honor because many do not have the physical sight I speak of here and yet see in ways perhaps I do not know.


I want to put extra intention to using my sight to stop, to take time to notice and note, perhaps extending my list of all the ways light comes into my life and the differences it makes.


I will note briefly, for it is for another writing, that I wear two hearing devices. I have no idea why my hearing diminished, a mystery. However, even when my hearing devices are out, I still see. In fact, seeing the sunrise or sunset in silence, for example, has its own delight.


Other wells will call forth more specific resources but there’s really no point in listing all kinds of “resources” about light…all the scientific writings, nature writings, and more. They are out there in the thousands-plus.


For me, the most important one is the connection of our eyesight to physical light, one not able to be noticed without the other. And our mind, too…to look and ponder how the sun at 92 million miles away from earth provides our natural physical light…92 million miles.

Be with this for a few moments and see where it takes you.

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