The Well of Childhood

Ah, I know exactly what it is that drew me to this well this morning, a well where I could stay and dip for days. It is a well of true refreshment; it is refreshment I do not take lightly.


Walking the other night in my “new” old neighborhood, the scent reached me before coming upon the bank of honeysuckle, a long hedgerow filled with sweetness. How could I now stop and stay a few moments? It is not mine, so I did not pick even one blossom out of which to suck the nectar. Perhaps I will go back and give myself full permission to partake of just one.


What it gave me was the childhood memories, the bush just below the fence that was just below the house, stopping in honeysuckle season to feel like I was drinking of the sweetness, choosing each tiny blossom with total delight. It was a portion for an ant or mouse or fairy or someone or something tiny, and yet it felt like fullness for me.


This is a season of sweetness. Peony photos have been posted hundreds of times, each one marveling at the beauty and scent in their fast season of bloom, fully capturing all of their beautiful qualities before having to wait another year.


Ah, I thought, here is another blossom that is just as captivating and yet it is not getting the same press. So here it is, to relish, remember and taste even through a photo, if your memory is a keen as mine.


It is an entrance into childhood memories of summers… of surrounding beauty, freedom, carefreeness, imagination, endless stone walls on which to balance, climbing trees, hauled up lunches, standing on a rock in the woods and singing to heart’s content, swinging vines, visiting the dump and seeing relics of those who came before me and wondering what life was like, and simply being me. Being me in the middle of those ten acres…just being me with no filters or masks or shoulds.


May I be that same child this summer. Madeleine L’Engle, in one of my favorite passages in Walking on Water, reminds me…I am ALL the ages I have been just as I am the age I am now. If I am not all of those ages, too, I am denying myself deep joy.


As the full moon shines down, beckoning the summer solstice, I set an intention to let the childhood moments stay. I am letting them surround me. I say yes to the invitation to be that one who drank in every moment of life with fullness of delight, to continue to be her in the here and now.


I am definitely taking a walk this evening to find just one honeysuckle blossom in honor of being reminded.


May you join me as you revisit moments like this of your own beginnings.


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  1. Melinda on June 17, 2022 at 8:52 am

    I can smell the sweet honeysuckle! It wants to be enjoyed.

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