The Powerful Combination of Commitment and Accountability

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It is and I am nearing the end of this blogging challenge.

The powerful combination of commitment and accountability to the group for a specific amount of time and blogs created the fuel that kept me in the game and resolved not to miss one day. For me, that kind of challenge gets my staying power. I am in a couple of other writing groups and while there is a designated day and theme, I haven’t ramped up my commitment in the same way…so here’s to those calling me to do so next!

I joined this challenge for a reason… to catapult myself out of laziness or procrastination or “should” rather than “can’t wait,” letting my blog writing slide into oblivion with sporadic posts. I needed a jumpstart to get me going again and this has been just that, with delight, fun, wondering, pressure, joy and not daring to go to bed without having posted! The piece that has taken the most time is finding a photo to put with the blog because I go down the rabbit hole of searching if I did not have one that fit from my own photographs.

I could not help but picture people I don’t know sitting at their computers, too, immersed in the topic of choice, the collection of blog representing beautifully broad themes and personal gleanings, teachings, and passions.

I will now carve out time to go back and read so many I have missed and to comment on some. I know the richness of what I will find, as well as models for my own writing and blog design.

It is my hope that the past month of commitment and accountability will lead me into two things – a habit of consistent blog writing now that I have gotten back to it and also a decision to make it so. I am into “deciding” recently because I have spent so much of my life in “whatever” and procrastination, not that procrastination has not served me exceedingly well many times over.   But I like the “deciding” place I am in and can’t wait to see what evolves in many pieces of my life.

And since it is said that it take twenty-one days to form a new habit, maybe I am there… with the “deciding” to top it off.

Just as the combination of commitment and accountability helped me soar through this month, the combination of decision and habit will move me forward when the group is gone. Perhaps I will hold on to the visualization of everyone blogging and let the group, in its own new way, keep me accountable and committed, too.

Such fun it has been…and such fun it will be…because there is nothing like the freedom of writing!

And by the way…the twenty-one days and deciding apply to many more things than blogging. We are at choice to make the work for us in myriad ways.

A whole new me coming up, I think!!!

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