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The Calendar and the Lion

I changed a calendar that has an insert per month in a plexiglass frame.  I never look ahead to see what the pictures are for future months. I like to be surprised.

Up to this point the months for 2013 have had a variety of birds and botanical drawings.  As I opened the packet to get the October calendar I noticed that it was a lion.  Cat lover of all breeds that I am, I love lions…their majesty, power, strength, color, and grace. The exude confidence.

 I just wasn’t expecting a lion for this calendar…I was expecting a bird or flowers or combination thereof.  I was surprised at how disappointed it felt to slide that picture into the slot, wondering what the November choice will be, hopefully to go back to birds and botanicals. Why in the in the world would one tiny calendar picture have that impact, except that I admit I do become particular about certain expectations!

 Not five minutes later as I was reading at the table where the calendar sits right in front of me, I came across a passage on courage.  It was definitely “a moment.”

 Courage…lion…instead of sweet flowers and birds…somehow I felt that the whole thing was a set-up by God and the Universe.

 I am so adept at living in the sweetness of the small birds and botanicals…calm, nurturing incremental steady growth, living in the beauty of the moment, not particularly delicate but sometimes blending in so as not to ruffle the waters.  All is good.  Life goes along.  Growth happens. The outcome is generally good and even happy.

 What I heard loud and clear in those quick five minutes was, “If you genuinely desire to become who you say you want to be at your fullest potential and accomplish the things you want to do, it’s time to move away from so much “pretty” and “delicate” and “nurturing” and even “enabling” and get out there with some courage and roaring! Use your strength and power, girl, and get moving!!!  Life is marching on.  If you want to write, WRITE OUT LOUD!  If you want to coach, GO FOR THE CLIENTS…don’t wait for them to come to you!  If you want to speak, MARKET YOURSELF!  If you want to lead, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE AND LEAD!  Don’t stop reading and dreaming and journaling and sifting and sorting but take it all to the bank.  BE who you want to be instead of creeping along hoping you get there before you’re 100! Procrastination has to go. Set goals. Do what you coach your clients to do…put on the lion inside of you…bring it out and bring it on!”  It was so loud and clear I felt the message through my entire body.  While lions certainly have their gentle, protective side, I knew that was not the meaning of the moment.

 There are moments and times when the courage has been inward and outward, for sure, but it is so easy to sit back and let things happen until I decide to pull it out again.

 At least for the month of October I think I’ll try on more of the lioness. And I am always intrigued by where the nudges in my life come from.  Who would have thought the 4×6 calendar page could have instigated all this?!

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