Thanks For the Gift of the Challenge, Bradley Will!


It was a bit like having thirty little mystery packages to open one at a time during this thirty-day blogging challenge with you, Bradley.

Each day was the unwrapping of a little box in my mind to see what was in there and what wanted to come out and show up through words.

There are hundreds more tiny packages left to unwrap in the months and years ahead. New ones will magically show up, never running out of the gifts that match the joy of putting words to paper or screen. I want to say that the packages choose to be opened in the order that is right for the writing.

One of my favorite books about writing and an example of someone who opened his gifts at just the right time is Ray Bradbury’s – Zen in the Art of Writing. I wonder what blogs by him would have been like for he was a master of observing life and turning observations into fantastic stories. He held them in his head and heart for all kinds of lengths of time until they were ready to come out and be used. I marvel at his example of seeming not to miss a thing in life. He tucked what he saw or heard or felt away so as to not be lost, and then allowed it to show up with a flourish of spectacular creativity.

Thank you to all who have blogged for the contagious inspiration, and immense special thanks to you, Bradley Will, for your daily dose of your own writing, quotes and videos to keep us going. Your passion and commitment for your work and to all with whom you work are palpable. It has been a fabulous thirty days! Be well and relish a little deserved down time!



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