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Recently, the daylong winds felt like an event. The cold added to the drama.

The energy and movement created by the wind mesmerize me. I sat for the longest time watching the limbs of the trees blowing and bending as if in a wild dance of the hundreds in the neighborhood. There was both synchronicity and randomness.

I was struck by the fact that even with all the force, the only things that tumbled to the ground in my neighborhood were leaves, twigs, and pine straw. As certain as I was that big dead branches I know are up there would come crashing down at any moment, they didn’t. The capacity of the trees, especially the trunks, to withstand the force, to go with the flow of the power of it is a testament to nature’s design.

In contrast, over the past couple of weeks when there was no presence of wind or rain, three huge limbs crashed, at separate times, onto the parking lot and a neighbor’s property. Each time it was gorgeous, sunny, blue-sky, day of complete stillness. I heard the beginning of the limb falling, particularly attuned because I did not know what was happening…a fast whirring sound as it traveled down, crashing to pieces of all sizes on hitting the ground.

Each time it was a shock…a surprise…with no obvious explanation of why.

That is how it feels at the times I am pruned in the same way…on a seemingly sunny, blue-sky day in life. There is no warning and no inkling…just the whirr and the crash…the release of something from my life…leaving the debris to be picked up and cleared away. The loss would have made so much more sense with a strong wind event.

Instead, it is a surprise shedding.

Then I think about the all-day blustery event…the wind roaring through the trees, creating an expectation that all kinds of large pieces would fall…but very little did.

In life, when we talk about the upheavals of our own creation or another’s we speak of anticipation of the potential fall-out and can predict that some of it will be massive. The unanticipated occurrences, however, come with no sense of knowing ahead of time, of being prepared.

Life tricks me and catches me off guard…what I don’t expect happens and what I expect and prepare for doesn’t. I am learning to dance with it. I am learning to honor my beautifully strong core, my human trunk that holds all the nourishment I need to sustain, root, and hold me steady while I am pruned.

I ponder winds of change…the wind of God, Spirit, Life…beauty and the beautiful… haunting…energizing…still…and dramatic. I think of standing, swaying, staying in power…and strength…withstanding.

What kinds of winds will blow through my life today…and tomorrow? Will they be playful, scary, refreshing, or clearing? For what purpose will they show up? Will I be able to discern and hear their messages?

How will I be called to attend, attune and respond?

What whispers in the winds are meant for me to hear?

Will I remember that I have everything I need inside of me to claim access to the power, strength, and staying ability in the face of the life winds and clearing?

Wind cleans debris away and also creates it. What do I do with what falls? Where do I put it?

Some days I wish for a gust of wind to blow through me and create a bursting forth of release…to sort me out as it does the limbs and the leaves when it is their time. I implore it to get rid of what needs to go…of what is not serving me well. Let the not serving me well “stuff” be freed, leaving me lighter, more open, and creating space for new growth and light to enter a space no longer blocked.

I want the winds of God to clear the spaces of my mind, heart, soul and spirit in a way that infuses new life and fresh ways of being.

I know that not all is discarded, cleared, released from the trees on one windy day…some of the dead branches and debris cling and hold on…it is a process.

It is a process in and for my life to get rid of what needs to go when it doesn’t want to leave yet…or I want or choose to let it hang on.

And I know that there will be more days than I choose when the unexpected pruning will surprise me.

Whatever the pruning method, I keep growing, grateful to the Source outside myself that for everything there is a season and a reason, understood or not, and that I will always remain strong through the acts of pruning…and…always…always living in anticipation as the recipient of new, magnificent shoots of fresh life.

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  • Ha! I’ve been thinking about this all day – making positive changes and how much I’ve changed in the last year, in some ways delightfully unexpected.


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