New Year’s Evolution

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This blog came to me as I thought about the inspiring, light up the world woman who asked me how I choose what I write for my blog. I have been following her life and evolution this year since leading a workshop she attended last year that was titled exactly this: A New Year’s Evolution Rather Than Resolution. So thank you, dear friend!

I am usually adamant that one holiday does not begin until the one before it is complete and in my life, I have one yet to celebrate before the New Year.

At the same time, in regard to the New Year and the anticipated evolution of our lives through the next twelve months, some wise, smart people I know make a great point. They say that if you want to maximize what the year will hold, it is worth taking time now to reflect on the past year and prepare just enough in advance that you will sail into 2016 starting January 1, not a week or a month or two months later.

As you reflect on 2015:

What had the greatest impact?

What hopes were realized?

What is the biggest or most important thing you learned about yourself?

In your professional life, what accomplishments are you celebrating?

What intentions had staying power through 2015 and what were the results?

In what ways did you invest time in pursuing those things most important in your life?

As you think of relationships, what has your “presence quotient” been?

What are you willing to let go of from 2015? I think of the very popular book, the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by marie kondo. Along with “things,” what else in your life do you want to let go of from 2015 even as you say “thank you” for its presence up to now?

What would you not trade for the world that was part of 2015?

How did you show up at your highest and best?

You can also create your own questions for your reflection.

As you think a couple of weeks out from 2016, three questions to get you started:

 What intentions do you choose for the New Year ahead?

How will those intentions serve you?

As you think about who you are and who you want to continue becoming, what is the most important personal value or values, or life purpose, you want as your grounding for the New Year?

I do not ever set resolutions. We all know how those go.

Life and all aspects of it are in continual evolution. I am in continual evolution as a person. In 2016 the evolution will continue and I love the notion that awareness from this past year of 2015 can be a guide as I cross over the threshold from one year to another and keep on keeping on in the journey of my life.

Sit for a while with a favorite beverage or pet or music and let yourself indulge in a walk through the past twelve months. As you prepare for putting up a new calendar what strikes you most?

Enjoy…and Happy New Year ahead of time because by then the Learn to Blog 30 Day Challenge will be over and we will not be writing together.

Ah… that is how I can justify writing about the New Year before celebrating Christmas in my home.




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