How I’d love to immerse myself in writing all day every day… so many exceptional writing companions and brilliant minds that awaken and stir up words in my being. I crave more time to swirl them on to the paper or craft their design on the screen.

The prompt from another writing group today comes from this beautiful poem snippet so I am going to share it through my blog and others may choose to have fun with it.

“In blackness, joy also opens its eyes

and spreads out its dazzling map 

indicating the road to be taken.”

from “A Fountain, A House of Stone” (trans. by Alistair Reid & Alexander Coleman)


The Friday challenge is to write three line that begin with “In blackness…” I chose to write three sentences.


It is a perfect prompt because for some reason black has been on my mind.


It is the color of the precious feral cat that graced my life for six years, trusting me, and adopting my other cat as its dearest companion,  coming into the house when safe in his company.

It is the color that offsets white in such a splendid way.

It is beautiful in the way it outlines.

It is the color of words in books that allow me to cocoon.

It is a main pen color of choice, seeming to give more importance to my handwriting.

It is the wrought iron on my terrace that invites me to sit.

It is the silky fur of my crazy cat and his tail, when excited, fluffs up into hundreds of tiny pieces of fur sticking out like an electrical shock.

It is the color of mascara that highlights my eyes so they do not look so tired.

It is the notes on piano keys that seemed easy to use for flats and hard for sharps and was the opposite for my mother as she played by ear.

It is the color of my mailbox, always hopeful.

It was the color of the ’32 Olds that was such a huge part of my life.

It is a color that gives the illusion of thinner, if thin is not an option.

It is the color of coal and the blackness sends red sparks shooting forth as it converts to warmth.

It was also the color of the coal scuttle so the dusty film from each full pail did not show, giving no mandate to clean it every time

It happens to be the color of what I chose to wear today.

So what’s here for me from this poem snippet to fill in for the official prompt?

In blackness, brilliant colors spin and dance behind my tightly closed eyes.

In blackness, all of my senses come bursting to life from, darting out of all the places and ways in which they have been sidelined.

In blackness, my heart has to deeply listen.


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