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It was a celebration of 33 years of teaching music…and a celebration of retirement.

Her comment was, “Those 33 years were the best time/s of my life.”

And then she said to all who were listening…”ENJOY…ENJOY…ENJOY.” She spoke with such gentle and deep passion for her calling and love for the place, her colleagues, and the children that the room was beautifully stilled. The strength and wisdom of her life and of one five letter word…enjoy…were palpable.

When we live in our calling, whatever it is, we live in “enjoy.” It trumps the tough, challenging moments in spades and if it does not, it is time for reflection on whether we are in the right place or not.

And… if we are not, do we have the courage to change?

I could not help but think of one of the most provocative books I have read on responding to what we are called to do.  It is Crossing the Unknown Sea by David Whyte.  I commend it to anyone who is exploring call for ultimately, he “gets” this word…enjoy.

Only when we live out our strengths, only when we say “yes” to what we know in our deepest core is beckoning us, only when we step over the threshold, no matter how challenging, will we step fully into the world of ENJOY in the way I heard and felt it used today.

Those of us in her presence received a sacred blessing for our lives.

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