Water is life.

As this photo from Nepal bears witness, we must never forget that for many around the world having a source of water is an inestimable gift. In so many countries it means getting to a well by foot and carrying water home in ways most of us have never experienced. In our abundant culture we simply turn on the tap. May we never take that for granted.

In a similar but different context, I believe there are wells to which we can come that provide inner nourishment that is profoundly sustaining and, in its own way, also an inestimable gift.

The well to which I invite you is a metaphorical, imaginary and yet very real space at which I want people of all ages and myriad diversities to meet. I want to be with others who have a desire to keep growing inwardly and outwardly. I want to be in contagious company and to discover fresh ways of honoring and bringing goodness to this world. Coming together at a well also holds spontaneity and surprise.

The wells are always available to us, wells such as wonder, grace, imagination, new perspectives, age, comfort, presence, realignment and more. At least 60 have appeared, each one ushering me into new insights or, in a moment of need, pulling me back in my life to what is sustaining and to be celebrated.

Join me!

Where: We can gather via Zoom anywhere in the world. It is also possible to have small group, in person conversations in the Philadelphia area.

Size: Small or large groups. Individual coaching at the well is described in another tab above.

Who: Leadership Teams, Parents, Third -Third of Lifers, Intergenerational Groups, Educators, Children (ah the fun!) or a group of your own design.

This is a wonderful exploration to bring into spiritual communities, senior living communities, parent groups, etc. The richness, inspiration and guidance of the wells are available to all.

Sessions: One session or as many sessions as you desire on behalf of those who attend. A typical format is six sessions, each one a separate well.

Time: 90 minutes minimum. We will create the right timing for your group.

With children younger than teens, I limit time to 30-45 minutes.

Teens could easily engage 90 minutes. I envision wells being excellent stress levelers for teenagers, equipping them with a new way to look at various aspects of their lives.

Gathering at the well includes sharing wisdom from around the world and wisdom from each person present. There is time for stories, insights and reflection. Each time we depart from a well, we pause to share a joint blessing.

Contact me at dawn@dawnsullypile.com or (404) 683-1820. If by phone, please speak slowly and share information clearly.

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My why story:

I treasure time by myself. However, since childhood one of my greatest joys and also one of the most enlivening catalysts for me is to be in the presence of others. It is both kinds of time in balance that make me feel whole.

I vividly recall my Kindergarten class, and since that was the first group experience for me beyond a small Sunday gathering of my age, it is where my first large group memories originate. That big classroom with over 40 children fed what has been a lifetime joy of observation. Telling stories of the days spilled out over dinner. It was no surprise that I was far more interested in the gathering of people and what we bring to one another than of the academic expectations.

Who do you want to be?” rather than “What you want to be?” was always my vision and mission as an educator.

When we gather with openness and come together as we did before all the intruding filters came into being, for I (and we) had not yet known of them as young children, there are unlimited opportunities to be filled with new insights that change us.

We have the opportunity to remember our story, to revise or add to our story, and to choose what we want for our developing story. In doing so, we hear, honor and contribute beautifully to one another’s story.

We get to be open, perhaps vulnerable, and expand together in ways that inspire us to our best. We find new or become reacquainted with places and qualities inside of ourselves that hold us steady when we are tempted to compromise.

In dipping as deeply as possible, we draw up bountiful resources and gifts that are uniquely ours to add to this world. Just as the women in Nepal draw and carry water back to their homes, we draw and carry fullness of new insights and meaning to ours.

From Kindergarten to now in my 70s, my why is connection, exploration in that connection, celebrating life, and valuing that which others of all ages and personalities bring to it. Now, in this third-third, I want to remember every day to invite others to gather with me to take in and then pour out into the world words and actions that buoy us up, which in turn buoy up all of humanity.

In the time in which we are living, I invite you to join me, to be in community, to continue to grow and find joy together until our last breath. We can continue to change ourselves and we can change the world, you know…all ages can do this…one by one and together.

It will be a delight to engage in this adventure with you.

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