Coaching at the Well

Uncover, Dip, Discover!

Realignment and Rejuvenation Coaching

Single Session or Intensive

Give yourself the gift of coming to the well, both the well of resources inside of you and many types of wells outside of you. The combination is a beautiful catalyst for you to step into creating who you most desire to be, to step into honoring your life purpose (creating one if you do not have one), and moving in flow with your values and intentions.

Our time together will be an infusion of fresh perspectives, perhaps also drawing on qualities you have known you have possessed all along but put to the side. It is about claiming wholeheartedly the art of possibility and of being nourished and renewed. It is, ultimately, about being fully you, wholeheartedly you.

Together we will craft the design of the coaching. There are times when I shift into consulting, with your permission. I have always thought of myself as a hybrid coach/consultant, so that combination will show up in our times together.

I anticipate that we will spend anywhere from a 90-minute session to 3 hour intensive…or…it may be that you simply need a quick,  60-minute dip into the well that brings the energy and inspiration you need to move forward with commitment, confidence and action.

Coaching is currently by phone or Zoom. If by Zoom, sessions can be recorded.

Contact me to explore energizing and generative work together.

- complimentary 45 minute session consultation -


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