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Thanks For the Gift of the Challenge, Bradley Will!

It was a bit like having thirty little mystery packages to open one at a time during this thirty-day blogging challenge with you, Bradley. Each day was the unwrapping of a little box in my mind to see what was in there and what wanted to come out and show up through words. There are…

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Invitation to You to Share Wishes

This happy Wishes tree is on the lawn of a home of across the street from my walking path. Some who are local Facebook friends pass it each day and have perhaps contributed wishes to the branches. I finally stopped today to read and participate. So many of the sentiments moved me as well as…

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A Perfect Gift

At this time of year when conversations so quickly center around perfect gifts and the term “holiday rush” is common as people drive to and fro to stores or spend hours online, there is one gift that does not need to be wrapped or bought or ordered online or shipped. Credit cards can be tucked…

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