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Stopping in Curiosity

I love this photo. What I miss most in starting my own business that centers mainly on working with adults is not being with children. Not being with them everyday leaves a significant void in my life in the arena of curiosity, imagination, noticing and reminders of exactly how to live life. They excel at…

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The Brook

There is something about water that captures me and pulls me in. It does not matter where it is or how large or small the expanse. It is what I feel and imagine in its presence. While I grew up in a city on the majestic Hudson River and still bask in its beauty when…

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A Circle of Beautiful, Magical Caregiving

    “Do not touch the razor blade,” my mother told me. Of course I did not listen and instantly had a bleeding cut and the excruciating sharp pain she knew would be the case if I did not listen. I was perhaps 4 years old and we were in our bathroom. I have no…

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“Clouds” by Zach Sobiech

During this week of Thanksgiving, I think of untold numbers of children and adults being cared for who ultimately return the gift of caregiving in their own ways…selflessly, with grace and joy, in a healing capacity, through presence of expressions without words, and in creating moments that will be forever remembered and treasured. One example…

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Children and Words

Having conversations with children about words is such fun, to say nothing of listening to them try to use words correctly but not quite getting the correct context or pronunciation. It was a daily delight during the thirty-five years I was in education to invite hundreds of children over time to play with words, whether…

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