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Thanks For the Gift of the Challenge, Bradley Will!

It was a bit like having thirty little mystery packages to open one at a time during this thirty-day blogging challenge with you, Bradley. Each day was the unwrapping of a little box in my mind to see what was in there and what wanted to come out and show up through words. There are…

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New Year’s Evolution

This blog came to me as I thought about the inspiring, light up the world woman who asked me how I choose what I write for my blog. I have been following her life and evolution this year since leading a workshop she attended last year that was titled exactly this: A New Year’s Evolution…

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Hills One Step At A Time

Hills… one step at a time… going up. A walker, not a runner, I have been challenging myself the last couple of months to complete the 2.7-mile path I love by completely jogging it…no stopping…my goal: by January 1, 2016. I have either been jogging the flat parts and stopping when I get to hills…

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Virtual Caregiving Community #2

Even as I work with professional and family caregivers, as well as case managers and social workers around shifting the paradigms of caregiving in this country, I acknowledge that it is often an experience that presents us with overwhelming, energy draining, heartbreaking, extremely challenging moments, days, weeks, months and years. There can easily be a…

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The Exquisite Web of Care Giving Conversations

I am having the most glorious conversations! They are part of my hope of seeing that caregiving is an integral part of our lives and our days. The small ways in which we show it and receive it will help prepare us for the caregiving challenges that enter on to the continuum of our lives.…

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The Triple Crown and the Wheelchair Race

Horses are magnificent animals. The world is congratulating American Pharoah and his longed for Triple Crown victory, a celebration of highest respect and joy for being the one who has brought release and relief from the seemingly endless wait. With a combination of exquisite grace and strength, and so much more, he has earned all…

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