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Be the Light

I love Yogi tea. The tea itself is one of my favorites. The additional bonus is finding the message on the tag. I was mulling my blog for today and was settling in on how we have the opportunity over and over again to see people’s faces light up through special or unexpected connection. That…

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The Brook

There is something about water that captures me and pulls me in. It does not matter where it is or how large or small the expanse. It is what I feel and imagine in its presence. While I grew up in a city on the majestic Hudson River and still bask in its beauty when…

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Invitation to You to Share Wishes

This happy Wishes tree is on the lawn of a home of across the street from my walking path. Some who are local Facebook friends pass it each day and have perhaps contributed wishes to the branches. I finally stopped today to read and participate. So many of the sentiments moved me as well as…

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My Cats, My Teachers

Endlessly fascinated by observing my cats, I find they always have something to teach me. It is a bit like watching charades and trying to figure out exactly what is going on since they do not have the capacity to add words to the behaviors. That also allows me to make what I want out…

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Mind Mapping Thankfulness

A studio Big windows overlooking the ocean And meadows Sun streaming through Azure blue of water and sky that clears my mind And makes me feel light Bare wood floors illuminated with a golden glow My imaginary space To which I go Frequently   Today The walls are painted with whiteboard paint Spacious Expansive Open…

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In the Quiet Stillness

It is a rare day Or night That I have no words I am covered with a veil of stillness My whole being Completely quiet The full moon beckons me to it And graces my being With its promise Of infinite possibilities It will shine over me While I sleep The company of light Until…

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