Mind Mapping Thankfulness

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 26, 2015 |

A studio Big windows overlooking the ocean And meadows Sun streaming through Azure blue of water and sky that clears my mind And makes me feel light Bare wood floors illuminated with a golden glow My imaginary space To which I go Frequently   Today The walls are painted with whiteboard paint Spacious Expansive Open…

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In the Quiet Stillness

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 25, 2015 |

It is a rare day Or night That I have no words I am covered with a veil of stillness My whole being Completely quiet The full moon beckons me to it And graces my being With its promise Of infinite possibilities It will shine over me While I sleep The company of light Until…

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“Clouds” by Zach Sobiech

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 24, 2015 |

During this week of Thanksgiving, I think of untold numbers of children and adults being cared for who ultimately return the gift of caregiving in their own ways…selflessly, with grace and joy, in a healing capacity, through presence of expressions without words, and in creating moments that will be forever remembered and treasured. One example…

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Children and Words

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 23, 2015 |

Having conversations with children about words is such fun, to say nothing of listening to them try to use words correctly but not quite getting the correct context or pronunciation. It was a daily delight during the thirty-five years I was in education to invite hundreds of children over time to play with words, whether…

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Laughter as Caregiving Tonic for the Soul

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 22, 2015 |

The person who can bring a spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.            Bennett Cerf The Emergency Room bays were filled and the wait was long. There was a lot of life happening in a side of the world that my sister and I did not witness very often. Our mother had…

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The Exquisite Web of Care Giving Conversations

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 21, 2015 |

I am having the most glorious conversations! They are part of my hope of seeing that caregiving is an integral part of our lives and our days. The small ways in which we show it and receive it will help prepare us for the caregiving challenges that enter on to the continuum of our lives.…

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A Magnificent Caregiver and a Mystery – Both

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 20, 2015 |

This is the thing about writing of any kind. I never know what is going to emerge after the first sentence. In yesterday’s blog I happened to recall the morning I was struck by a certain memory of my father and the unexpected, surprise moment that followed that memory. Today when I dated my morning…

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Early Morning Writing- My Own Caregiving

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 19, 2015 |

I am barely going to beat the clock on this blog! Each morning for going on a year and a half I have relished following The Miracle Morning practice, so beautifully crafted by Hal Elrod. I do not miss a day even if it means getting up an hour or more earlier than planned. Silence,…

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Gift of a Caregiver From Birth to Death

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 18, 2015 |

    Until a few months ago, I had never pictured myself in my mother’s womb. Never. It did not even occur to me. I obviously know I was there for 9 months and the objective knowing is where it stayed. Perhaps that is part of the lack of talking about anything “close” in my…

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Beautiful Words and Caregiving

By Dawn Sully Pile | Nov 17, 2015 |

Hundreds of words and images incessantly swirled through my mind all night long. “Sleep” was not among them in either category. Somewhere in the swirling I was reminded of the story of Christopher Nolan, an English writer who won several awards for his poetry and autobiography. He also authored a novel. His was a mind…

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