Blessing for Wonder in Age

The Well of Age


For a gathering  where those present were going to dive into conversation at The Well of Age, this blessing came to me. It is to live in wonder each day, realizing our breath, not our number, is what is so extraordinary.


I am such an admirer of John O’Donohue and his book of blessings, touching life over and over again with his words, words that could only come from his heart.


So it was delightful to look to him for mentoring and give writing blessings a try. This is the fist one I wrote.


It came to me today after a long conversation about the preciousness of life.


Cherish every moment.


Blessing for Wonder in Age


From the moment we took our first breath

A moment not one of us can recall

To THIS moment

Our breath unceasing


Breathing in

Breathing out


May we fathom in some way

That miracle – THIS miracle

May we overflow with wonder

In how the well of life

Serves up our breath

Deeper than we can imagine

Every moment

EVERY moment

All of our breaths

Artificially packaged into a number

Who can say how many breaths you or I

Take in one year of life?


May our breathing

Moment by moment

Hour by hour

Day by day

Year by year

Inspire us to honor its gift

By living fully


In joy

In dancing and singing and laughing

In service

In connection

To each other

To nature

To this world


May we remember

Age is but a number

But breath



Blessings for how the awareness

Of this ever present companion

Will magnificently guide us through

Whatever age we are

And into

Whatever ages are ahead of us.



Dawn Sully Pile, MA, CPCC



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