Designing These Years, Honoring the Full Circle of Life and Creating Life-Giving Conversations With Family and Friends

These are the magic years. These are the years to create the life you choose at the pace you choose. These are the years to appreciate your own voice, intuition and life values by living fully and in the full light of who you are.

The joy is to first design life as you choose for it to be lived until it comes full circle. It is to step into it without apology and until and unless circumstances change significantly. It is also, in these magical years, a time to honor the full circle of life, knowing that it is exactly that – it comes full circle. To know what you want and to have all in place for that moment brings peace of mind and permission to live free of unnecessary angst, knowing you have completed important planning.

Last, and often the most resistance-producing piece, which I choose to call the most life-giving piece, is to share your plans with family and friends. As I say in my book, there have always been the humorous comments about having to have “the talk” with children about sex, whether it was done well or not or not at all. This is even more important,  “the new talk” being about you and making sure that you do not wait until it is too late for family and friends to know how you want to live now AND completion of life details that will allow peace for all.

I offer guidelines. I offer suggestions. I offer that you are ultimately the designer of all and that you can trust yourself to do this beautifully. I am here as a guide, whether through my book, through speaking or holding a seminar or in individual coaching.

There are two focused outcomes:

  • Older adults succeed in designing the life they want, which is followed by designing an intentional, distinct communication plan that honors their decisions.
  • When family gathers, choices are shared with clarity and in a spirit of love and grace.

The optimal time for these conversations to take place is when you are in good health and have the ability to clearly articulate your wishes.

When possible, I also encourage adult children to be proactive in their request to have these life-giving conversations with parents.

My three forms of presentation, which can be mixed and matched, are:

60 – 90 minute speaking engagements

I introduce an easily understood process that transforms the oft-assumed perspective of “difficult conversations” to a mindset of “life-giving conversations” that alleviate decisions being made under duress. We also talk about the preface, which is creating the design for your life.

Presentation time can be adapted as requested.

Three-hour hands-on seminar to begin to create and write an action plan

Participants begin to design intentional conversations tailored to their individual families and to do so in the support and company of others. Based on interest, this can be continued in a second session.

Coaching individual families through the process and conversations

I work with older adults to prepare for engaging in conversations that honor each member’s personality and perspective while not becoming engaged in compromise. Individual coaching may be a one time session or ongoing.

While specifically targeted to the older adult years, I would be honored to entertain presentations to children of older adults so as to be a catalyst for reflection and action that honor and respect this time in parents’ lives.


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