Baby Boomers+:

A Guide to Designing These Years, Honoring the Full Circle of Life, and Creating Life-giving Conversations


“Now is the time” rather than “tomorrow, tomorrow”

BABY BOOMERS+: A GUIDE TO DESIGNING THESE YEARS, HONORING THE FULL CIRCLE OF LIFE AND CREATING LIFE-GIVING CONVERSATIONS is a book that touches each person in the Baby Boomer generation. It is a clear, relevant, down to earth, practical and inspirational reflection and way-shower for how to fully embrace what I call the “third-third” of life. Most importantly, the book shares insights and a thoughtful process for how to be in communication with family members about the important information that is needed when life comes full circle. The writing is grounded in optimism and an appreciation for the beauty and magic of these years.

The genesis of BABY BOOMERS + was a gathering at which a financial consultant presented information about all of the legal documents one wants to have in place when the end of life comes. I followed the presentation of the logistical information with ways we can communicate those important matters to family with grace and ease rather than shying away from the conversations and putting them off with the usual thought, “There’s always tomorrow.” The truth is that for thousands or millions “tomorrow” has come too late and families are left with significant gaps of critical information that breeds regret, confusion and often, anger or resentment.  Instead, let us prepare loved ones well ahead of time so that they can celebrate our lives rather than being caught in a maze of confusion.

The book covers:

  • Qualities to consider when designing how we want to live now
  • What it means to truly honor the full circle of life
  • Imagining, designing and engaging in life-giving conversations with confidence, clarity, joy and even fun
  • How children of Baby Boomers can participate in and invite the important conversations with parents

A refrain I hear often is, “I wish you had written this book five years ago” or however many years ago it would have made a positive difference.

Read…adapt the information to fit your life…be in peace…and celebrate. I invite you to join me in setting the model for our generation and generations to come.

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