August Playfulness- The Well of Observation II

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This morning I took S. grocery shopping. I now know when we set out that it is going to be an excursion, not simply a run of the mill shopping experience. I push the cart as we go up and down most aisles. I revel in observing her glee.

Part of the joy in serving is observing. Until I wrote that sentence I never thought of the “ob” coming before the word “serving.” Ob serving. Observing for the first time, that serving is part of the word. And truthfully, I love observing S as I serve her through our grocery store adventures.

Her total delight in all that is before us and the abundant supply inspires me to view grocery shopping as less of a “have to” and more of an adventure, even when I go alone.

I have observed how her dramatic streak comes out, watching her eyes that tell me a story is coming that will hold my attention.

So in the car today I said, “S., I think you must have been in theater at one time or should have been.” Simply noting her eyes over time and venturing to suggest an arena in which I could picture her not only led to yes, she did do theater, but also how her parents were able to get passage to the United States because of a connection her father had with theater.

Often observation occurs with no follow up at all…it just is its own moment or hour or days.

At another time, it might lead us to give it voice and ask a question, to share it in such a way that it invites another into the observation with us. As happened today, we can’t even guess where that invitation will lead.


Last week I joined a friend at a bakery with Buttery in the name and noticed how often that word has come back to me as if saying, “Come back, come back!” Choosing that word is fabulous marketing!

Oh, how much the car has wanted to veer off on to that street ever since. At the same time I observe the imaginary scale going up and up and up if I do.

“Buttery” made my mouth water before even stepping in the door, but the stepping in did not disappoint. I loved taking a moment to stand back and watch children gazing at the goodies in the cases, trying to choose. I noticed their wide-eyed wonder, then looking up to the adult with them for help. While perhaps not quite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it is pretty close!

I am noticing the brain rationalization that is saying the words, “Maybe once a month. As a special treat of course or a ‘reward’ for whatever you deem worthy of reward.” I’m thinking that maybe I need to go there today so I can take a photo to post with this blog. What a fabulous excuse!

The photo I have posted is of a hand painted design I noticed and immediately fell in love with when I was in college, first purchasing a cup and saucer. I then gradually collected several place settings. Each time I use one of the pieces I notice that the delight of decades has stayed.

The question is: Did this plate hold or not hold a “Buttery” confection today?


I observed (with longing, I might add) and laughed out loud at how my fabulous, old, big claw foot tub simply does not compare in hot weather to the gorgeous swimming pool next door. You see, that pool originally belonged to this house, so I feel like I should have magical access to it, but I do not.

When cold weather arrives, my fabulous, old, big claw foot tub will hold far more appeal than the swimming pool.

To everything there is a season.


Who can tell one crow from another? Who can tell if the same crow is the leader all the time? I watch over and over again what a pack they are and try to figure out their cawing communication. If there are not roosters in the area, the crows kind of take their place with their early morning voices.

They also stick together.


Taking time in this moment to simply be with what is outside the window, curious if there is anything I have missed noticing yet.

The biggest evergreen at the foot of the lawn is here, I am sure, to take me back to the biggest evergreen of my childhood home. Every time I look at it, it takes me there and I feel the child that climbed all the way to the tippy top and sat in the V of the branches feeling so light and free.

Observing the morning walkers trying to beat the heat, committed. If I want “Buttery” I need to get that committed!


I have found the past week that observing leads to curiosity. It gives me the desire to stop and be with it, fully present to it, continuing to watch and honor all that observations bring up for me, letting it take over for a bit.

The gift of observation takes me outside of myself even as it takes me inside myself.

And I notice how much there is to observe, with all the offshoots that follow, right here, right now, without stepping out the door of my house. There’s a whole mini world right around me in each room and out the windows and I love it.

It brings me joy and makes me happy.

I am curious what you observe in your mini world.

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  • What a delightful post! The reference to “buttery” makes me want to tel you that “buttery pile” is one of my daughter’s special word pairings, and also the name of a day. Which day I cannot tell you, but there is a day in her past which she has marked indelibly with the words “buttery pile”. It is one of my favorite word concoctions from the thousands she has created.

    • How I love this, Melinda! I can just imagine the days and all the concoctions from her brilliant mind. I’m keeping “buttery pile” … maybe piles of delicious things but who knows? I just wish you were close enough that we could go enjoy the local Buttery together! I am also going to imagine an eighth day of the week!


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