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I am always intrigued by random thoughts and how they take on a life of their own once they take root. It rarely crosses my mind anymore where they come from and why. I simply enjoy the fun of how they take me into seeing what I can glean for my life moving forward.  

 For whatever reason, I began to think about the strips across the front of new credit cards with explicit instructions to call the 1-800 number to activate the card so it can be used. Once activated, all kinds of possibilities show up. What more can I go out and buy? What seems important to have all of a sudden?

 Have you ever noticed that the activation number strip is extremely easy to peel off, whereas many other strips and price tags that you want to take off cleanly need Goo-Be-Gone to do the job?

 All one has to do after calling the number, hearing that that card has been activated and popping it in the wallet card slots, is dream about its power and seeming permission.

 God knows, I have learned my lessons with those cards and the answer is no thank you, no thank you, and no thank you.

 Tucked away or cut up by now are also a couple of cards I have received that I never asked for and never activated. Strips left on…1-800 not called. The expiration date is long past.

 Mulling the Activation strip has set me to thinking about what cards I want to create for my own life, what they will enable me to do, and what the activation number will be.

 I will need far more slots for cards than ever before! Here are a few of the cards I will have and I offer them to you free of charge with no gimmicks. There’s no hidden fee of $19.99, though heaven knows there is that temptation as a result of our cultural messages!

 The activation number to call is 1-800-SAY-YES#

 Call it with intention. Call it with a sense of purpose. Call it with knowing you will be called forth. Call it with confidence. Call it with assurance that there will never ever be late fee. Call it knowing that the card is personalized, not generic. Call it trusting it will take you to exotic places you have not been to yet in your life. Call it believing. Call it with faith. Call it with a spirit of adventure. Call it with risking the unknown.

 Activate courage.

Activate acts of kindness.

Activate joy.

Activate saying hello to those you meet wherever you go today, even the ones who are looking down…when they hear hello there is often a game changing smile.

Activate compassion…for all.

Activate humor.

Activate health and wellness.

Activate communication.

Activate learning.

Activate passion.

Activate tears when they are needed and healing.

Activate your gifts.

Activate your light.

Activate reflection.

Activate camaraderie.

Activate one step of your vision for your life.

Activate listening.

Activate social justice.

Activate a grateful spirit.

Activate your voice.

Activate understanding.

Activate forgiveness.

Activate generosity.

Activate letting go of judgment.

Activate fun and play.

Activate love…of course.




 Peel off that sticker. You will be richer than ever.

 There’s no expiration date…and you can add hundreds of cards at any time. Use them freely and also use them wisely and with thought to intention and impact.

 You are always free to decline activation for that which you do not want in your life…leave that sticker on even if you need to put a little Elmer’s Glue under the corners to make sure it stays. Or if you do say yes and then realize it does not bring you or others value, these cards always allow for deactivation with a breath and a prayer.

 And…if you lose a card, someone else might pick it up and use it for good.

 Oh…a most important lasting activation:

 Activate allowing yourself to receive as well as to give. Don’t ever deactivate opening your heart, mind and soul to what others want to give you, even when it feels uncomfortable and humbling. Receive with joy.








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