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A Perfect Gift

Two adirondack chairs on a deck at sunset

At this time of year when conversations so quickly center around perfect gifts and the term “holiday rush” is common as people drive to and fro to stores or spend hours online, there is one gift that does not need to be wrapped or bought or ordered online or shipped. Credit cards can be tucked away. And no one has to be caught in the last minute rush, frantic.

It may, for some, be a gift that asks for more than one that is bought.

It is a gift that can be given over and over again, with no thought of disappointment of the recipient or secretly wanting to take it back. In fact, it may well be asked for forever.

It is rare.

It is precious.

It is stolen but can be stolen back.

It can be beautifully wrapped in words.

It is one of a kind.

It is the gift of Kairos time.

It is the gift of presence rather than presents.

It is a gift that meets deep longing, often unspoken because it is assumed it can’t be given.

It is the gift so far outside of time by the clock, Chronos time, that clocks and watches are forgotten or purposely ignored.

Kairos time is presence in the present moment, in total flow with it.

It is full presence to the one you are with.

It is not just listening but hearing.

It is attuning.

It is being fully available and without distraction.

It has no deadlines

It is not noisy.

It is an invitation and an offering to sit down and breathe and be.

Distractions melt away.

It is intentional.

It holds the beauty of soul deep attention and connection.

It can be tailored meticulously to the one who receives it.

A gift this world longs for… a choice to say yes to stopping the rush and the preoccupations and the putting off to another day.

It is a truly magnificent gift that can be given in infinite places and it is appropriate for all ages.

It can happen in a moment and for a moment…or…the choices are endless.

Those who receive it will be honored… and completely revel in it because it is a gift that is a most glorious surprise.











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