Choose to step into the messiness and magnificence of creating and honoring the life you want, the life to which you feel called and the life that will sustain you. Thrive on entering into full permission and full freedom of the design process, and living in spectacular and abiding joy in the outcome.

Step Into Discovery and Awareness

A Two-hour Session

Begin your journey to design the authentic, magnificent life you imagine and desire to create.

  • We focus on your responses to an in-depth questionnaire you will receive well in advance.
  • This is an opportunity to choose to commit and take action to create a life that supports your goals and dreams.

Outline the Design

A 90 Day or Intensive 6 Hour Experience

  • Excavate old stories and belief systems
  • Embark on a metaphorical expedition that will take you into the magical world of possibilities
  • Outline the design of your transformation

The 90 Day package includes:

  • two 60 minute calls or in–person coaching sessions per month
  • unlimited email connection with me
  • one 30-minute bonus session.

Fill in the Design

A Six Month Experience

Using your design outline, begin to add the details

  • Immerse yourself in the messiness and magnificence of filling in your design to create the life you want…coloring outside the lines is perfectly acceptable.
  • Eradicate the old stories and beliefs.
  • Examine the layers of each possibility.
  • Embrace and commit to that which you discern resonates with your soul.
  • Create new goals that are realistic and that call you forth with courage to your transformation.
  • Stand in celebration and exhilaration of the magnificent life you are creating.

Included in the six months are:

  • two 60-minute coaching calls or in-person sessions per month
  • unlimited email connection with me
  • three 30-minute bonus sessions
  • checklists to keep you moving forward.
  • a copy of Hal Elrod’s book "The Miracle Morning" (If you already have his book we will choose another one).

Incredible "Design Plus"

A One Year Experience

If you are ready to allow yourself the absolute fullest permission, fullest freedom, fullest fun and joy and crazy design and magnificent outcome, jump in right from the start for a full 12-Month Experience.

  • Engage in all of the above plus have consistent, ongoing support as you implement the magnificent shifts in your life and new ways of being
  • Receive effective tools to surmount gremlins and obstacles that love to insert themselves in our life once you have said “YES!”
  • Access templates and checklists that will assist your progress
  • Accept full support as I watch you fly and soar…your design capturing who you are at your highest calling and MAGNIFICENCE.
  • Enjoy a copy of Hal Elrod’s book "The Miracle Morning" and another book of your choice.
  • Celebrate! I will create a conclusion celebration just for YOU!

Life Blueprint Workshops

I present a half-day or daylong workshop for small groups who desire to engage in this conversation through energized dialogue, tapping into each other’s experiences and inspiration.  Contact me to sponsor and schedule an uplifting event.

Contact me to begin your journey to imagine, align, design...and thrive!

-complimentary initial 30 minute consultation -


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