Leaders are always looking to strengthen their professional roles and relationships so as to be models in their field who are highly respected and who are looked up to as desired mentors.

The hybrid coaching and consulting I have designed is especially created for mid-level leaders in corporate and educational settings and for aspirational leaders. While focusing mainly on individual coaching and consulting, I also conduct seminars for small groups who want to explore fresh tools that will expand their leadership capacities.

Clients are committed to the understanding of and practicing the art of leadership. There is nothing more rewarding than being witness to magnificent growth as clients fully immerse themselves in the exploration, culture and implementation of leadership skills.

Clients also address whole life balance, one of the most commonly articulated challenges, and design goals and strategies to meet the by


Individual coaching and consulting

We begin with a two-hour session that focuses on responses to an in-depth questionnaire you will receive well in advance.

Following that session, we will schedule forty-five minute calls every two weeks for a minimum commitment of three months. Coaching contracts can be extended to six months and a year.

This is an opportunity to commit and take action to create a leadership design that is authentic, effective and through which you will be a model for others.

Half Day or Full Day Seminars for Leadership Teams

Using "Five Dysfunctions of a Team" by Patrick Lencioni as a foundational resource we explore the strengths and challenges of your team. As is well known, just because a group of people come together as a “formal team” with a name does not mean the individuals know how to or automatically work together as a high functioning team. It takes commitment to the group and significant practice of team skills to become a team that makes a positive difference.

While the book is a foundation for the conversation and work, I share numerous other tools and resources that make a difference in relationships between and among team members and that strengthen the power of the team as a whole.

Contact me to begin your journey to imagine, align, design...and thrive!

-complimentary initial 30 minute consultation -


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