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new bio photoI have a BA in Sociology, an MA in Ministry, am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, and am a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute Leadership Program. I am a coach, speaker and seminar leader.

I have been a consultant to independent schools, spoken at national conferences and am a leadership coach for independent school administrators. I also coach mid-level leaders in corporate settings. I have served on the Board of ICF Global GA Chapter Coaches’ Association.

Wherever I am, I am an observer of people, inspired by their individual gifts and stories every day.  Whether I am conducting individual coaching sessions or speaking to a large group, I am a catalyst for growth and personal wellbeing.  I present with a unique style, each interaction and presentation designed specifically for the client or the audience.

My approach to coaching and speaking is filled with energy, optimism, grace, and creativity.  I see possibilities everywhere and engage those with whom I work to see the possibilities that exist within themselves and their environments.  Bringing out of the box, sometimes eccentric observations and questions “to the table” is one of my natural ways of being.

Writing is a daily practice, one that centers, informs and invigorates me in all aspects of my life. When not reading, writing, coaching or speaking, I enjoy long walks, time with friends, whether in person or virtually around the world, and relish the company, humor and life lessons of my cats. I am a daily practitioner of "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod.

Most of all, I'm here for you! I look forward to being in your presence and getting to know you through our journey and work together.


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